Rich History
TATTOO-SPB – is one of the oldest and well- known studios in St. Petersburg. Ten years of excellent service. Over 10 000 clients from 150 countries and 20 000 tattoos.

Highest Professionalism
Our artistsare professionals that work in the tattoo industry over ten years. They are prizewinners of Russian and international tattoo conventions. And besides, they are famous for their punctuality.

Variety of creative concepts
We can develop the image based on your ideas, or propose one of the original designs created by our artists.

Express service
You can get the tattoo the same day. We work seven days a week. Our studio is open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Reasonable prices
Our price list is clear and transparent. The prices are aligned with the quality of work and have no commissions or hidden fees.
We accept non-cash and contactless payments.

Convenient location
The studio is located on the third floor of the PIK shopping center in the very center of St. Petersburg - near Sennaya Square, a few steps from Sennaya, Spasskaya, and Sadovaya metro stations. For those who come by car, there are a lot of free parking zones and a paid guarded parking lot. Inside the shopping center, there is free Wi-Fi, a food court, cinema, game club, and many shops and boutiques.

Complete security
Personal safety. Your health and property are protected by the private security company, which guards the shopping center and with which our studio has a separate agreement.
Fire safety. The shopping center undergoes regular fire inspections by supervisory authorities. It is has emergency fire exits, a modern automatic fire extinguishing system, a fire alarm, and other means of fire-fighting.
Epidemiological safety. We adhere to the tattoo-industry safety standards of the and take strict measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Evgeny Ivanov (Johnick)

Tattoo artist Evgeny Johnick Ivanov

Nikolay Ivanov (Habra)

Tattoo artist Nikolay Ivanov

Damir Yafarov (Aerodamir)

Tattoo artist Damir Yafarov

Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, - so Rudyard Kipling wrote.
We are more fortunate than Kipling, and we know the place where the West meets the East. This place is in St. Petersburg.

A beautiful and mysterious city with a long history full of tragic moments, triumphant rises, and disastrous falls. It is the place where great architects and poets created their masterpieces. Here the free spirit of Europe was melted for three hundred years with the gloomy Asian despotism. Is it possible to capture the memories of such a city in a primitive mug or fridge magnets? Of course not!

Забудьте про футболки, кружки, магниты и прочую мишуру. Есть лишь одна вещь, достойная хранить память о Санкт-Петербурге. Вещь, которая не сломается и не потеряется, которая всегда будет с вами, но видна лишь тем, кому вы захотите её показать.

We offer you the most worthy souvenir that will not break or get lost. It will always stay with you. Bright. Graceful. Unique.

We offer you a wide range of images of various styles. You can bring your draft or choose an image created by our artists, or you can merge. We'll make your dreams come true.

Some people think it's not safe to get a tattoo in Russia. Don’t worry, just trust us. We use the best equipment, ink, and supplies. We strictly adhere to the hygiene standards. Getting a tattoo from us is as safe as in the leading studios in Americas and Europe. The quality is the same, but the price is less.

Our studio is located in the center of St. Petersburg - on Sennaya Square close to Nevsky Prospect. For ten years of operations we serviced clients from almost 150 countries. We offer you a unique tattoo, the best memory of a wonderful city on the border of worlds.

The TATTOO-SPB studio offers tattoo lovers a full range of services: from drawing a sketch to removing or covering old tattoos. Please come! We make dreams come true.

To make an appointment call +7-911-943-1250 or ask your questions in VKontakte.


tattoo from the best russian tattoo artists

We make tattoos of all styles and sizes

Cover up

cover up tattoo

We correct and cover up old or bad tattoos

Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

You will have clean skin, no scars

Tattoo sketches

Tattoo sketches

We create unique tattoo sketches

Fluorescent tattoos

We will make you the center of attention

Tattoo as a gift

Tattoo as a gift

Tattoo is the best gift

How much does a tattoo cost? There is no clear answer. The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors, mainly the size and complexity. The most reasonable way to calculate the cost is the time a tattoo artists spends working with you.

In our studio works shorter than 30 minutes are rounded up to half an hour, longer than 30 minutes are rounded up to full hours. Approximate price of a tattoo session is:

  • up to half an hour – 4 000 rubles;
  • minimum cost of an hour is 2 400rubles(for 10 hour sessions).

Personal tattoo sketch – from 1 000 rubles. Tattoo removal – from 1 600 rubles per one session.

Large tattoo discounts are to be discussed with the artist. Exact cost of a tattoo to be determined after a consultation with the artist.

To ask a question call us: +7-911-943-1250, or just come to the tattoo studio.