Tattoo prices

Approximate price of a tattoo session in TATTOO-SPB is:

  • up to half an hour – 4 000 rubles;
  • minimum cost of an hour is 2 400rubles(for 10 hour sessions).

Personal tattoo sketch – from 1 000 rubles. Tattoo removal – from 1 600 rubles per one session.

Large tattoo discounts are to be discussed with the artist. Exact cost of a tattoo to be determined after a consultation with the artist.

How much does a tattoo cost? There is no clear answer. The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors, mainly the size and complexity. The most reasonable way to calculate the cost is the time a tattoo artists spends working with you.

Is it enough to know how much a work hour of a tattoo artist costs, to choose a perfect one? It is not so simple. Professional tattoo artists not only work well, but they also work fast. So when an hour of an artist is twice as expensive, it doesn't mean the whole work will be twice as expensive too. It is possible that you will pay the same, but lose twice more time. Do not chase bargains - choose quality!

To understand how much a tattoo will cost, you need to know its size, location, color and style. Then you should discuss your ideas and wishes with a tattoo artist. Only then you will understand how long it will take and how much it will cost.

It is possible to arrange a discount if an artist agrees, when you order a large tattoo. Loyal customers enjoy a flexible discount system. Besides, everyone can buy a tattoo gift certificate at a negotiated price.

To ask a question call us: +7-911-943-1250, or just come to the tattoo studio.