In your lifetime you only get one body. This alone is enough to be very serious about choosing a person to trust it to. Remember that a tattoo will be with you for a long time, if not forever, and all its flaws could constantly be seen. That is why you have to choose your tattoo artist more careful than a lover or a doctor.

Find tattoo artists who work in styles you like. Study their portfolios closely. Read reviews and recommendations. Don't limit yourself with just writing and looking at pictures online. Go to studios, look at real tattoos, talk to real people. Demand specifics. Trust those who are open and confident. And if you want to save time, go directly to TATTOO-SPB studio.

Our tattoo artists are very talented as well as very experienced. They will help you make a decision, draw an original sketch and give you a tattoo that will fill people around you with admiration and envy.

Evgeny Ivanov (Johnick)

Tattoo artist Evgeny Johnick Ivanov

Nikolay Ivanov (Habra)

Tattoo artist Nikolay Ivanov

Damir Yafarov (Aerodamir)

Tattoo artist Damir Yafarov